Saturday, February 25, 2012

Rekindle the Friendship

Last February 19, 2012, I had the opportunity to see my friends way back when we were still teens or shall I say the time when we all have experience the what we call "puppy love", hahaha! We have been planning this meet-up a year ago. But unfortunately, we are all busy with our respective lives. I have not seen these people who once had been a part of me for quite some time. Although, we tried to have a little chat on a social network site, but nothing compares of seeing them face to face.

Two weeks before the meeting, the three of us, if I may mention: Allyn Agustin and Aubrey Rose Agustin (sowee Pie, lipat ko family name mo subong) had been trying to reach out some of the members of the dance group. FYI, during that time, we went to the same church and we have a dance group. We call ourselves "The Tambourine Girls". Literally, we used to dance with tambourines. Through this, despite our different personalities and attitudes, we developed a friendship that stood amidst time and distance. My greatest regret was that I was not able to really try my hardest to  maintain the communication. Still I do believe that no matter how long we have not talked or see each other, the friendship still remains. Some of us has their own family now, there are a few who are still single and others are trying their luck abroad.

When the day of the meeting was approaching, I can't help myself to gladness.We agreed on meeting at Maridels, at Plazeula de Iloilo, 4:00PM. With my excitement, I went to the place too early, hahaha. I immediately look for Maridel's (its my first time at Plazuela, manuling!). I was little bit disappointed of the place. It's quite small and the tables & chairs are limited. When I get to Maridel's, there's no table available. So, I decided to stay outside, considering the many vacant chairs in front of the cafe. I waited for about 15minutes for a group of yuppies to finished chatting. When they did, I immediately go inside, I think damu naga hulat nga ma vacant ang table. Well, sorry, nauna ako! hehehe. Again, I waited for another 15mins (I think) for Allyn, Pie and Ta Ghie to arrived. I wasn't really annoyed that they are late, much more of excited to see these 3 girls.

From left: Aubrey Rose Agustin, Allyn Agustin, nturordinarygirl and Jay June Agustin. Maybe you realized they have the same family name, its because they are cousins...

I would like to introduced to you my bestfriend way back then, Jay June Agustin, my confidant. A woman who cares, supports and gives her all as a friend. I so miss the times we had before, Ta Ghie. 

Allyn Agustin is one of my best buddy as well. A creative and resourceful woman.  We used to just talk and talk when we were in Church. You know, the usual thing, crushes, hahaha. We thought at first that we were super-madly in-love with _ _ _. Miss you Lyn...:-)

Left most is Pie Agustin. An assertive and vocal person. One that can be trusted with all your secrets. I am so proud of what she had become. I am an observant gal, and the  way she talks that day made me realized how she'd become mature in dealing with life. Maturity comes with age, eh!

                          These are the original Tambourine Girls of Lift Jesus Worldwide Ministries

Maridel's has the best cake I've ever tasted in my entire life, promise, as in! I ordered for myself one slice of ice cream pie (I forgot the complete name) and a coffee. The downside of the cafĂ© was the limited choice of coffee, they only served brewed on that matter. Since I am a caffeine junk, I am into trying different kinds of coffee. I like the aroma of it. Allyn had an avocado cake, according to her, it really taste like you’re eating an avocado. I will definitely try it next time. Too bad I did not take a photo, dang!

After having our own orders, we talked like it was just yesterday. No pretensions. Simply us, like when we were young. We’re not that old though. I guess, it’s what friendship should be. No matter the distance, no matter how long you have not seen or talked, but when you do, you click. I am looking forward for another meet-up. Until next.

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