Monday, April 30, 2012

Amazing Bohol

Every year, the Association of Medical Social Workers of the Philippines, Inc., (AMSWPI) holds a convention. I am privilege and honored to be part of this association as I continue to share my life with others. The trip was indeed timely. A chance to be away from people and to take a break from feeling and thinking the heartaches, even just for a moment. 

I was very excited to come to Cebu and Bohol, not just because after 15 long years, I will be able to see Cebu again but also to explore Tagbilaran, Bohol. Two years ago, I came by a book and read it for a while. If my memory serves me  right, it said  that nature  has its own way of healing and mending one's self. To  commune with them  gives us a better perspective in life. It sure does.

Last  April  24,  2012, I  left for Bohol via Cebu through Cebu Pacific Air. It was a quick air ride, while taking a powernap. The flight was  delayed for an hour, but no sweat. I wasn't rushing. .(to be continued, so sleepy na gyud ako)

Monday, March 5, 2012


Everyday as I wake up, I thank God for the opportunity having to live again. Having to rise from a slumber is a gift to make things right or make things better. As I rose from a deep sleep comes a hope that soon, a rainbow will appear. These days, I am experiencing a rollercoaster ride and feels like I am about to lose my sanity. For goodness sake, don’t!

 Behind these sweet and lovely smile, lies a heart broken self. I have uttered hurtful words when arguments heat-up, when conflicting ideas arises and when I am trying to push my own views. Oh, complications again and again, just roaming around the bush, blowing all our chances.

Where in my life had I gone wrong? I have loved yet had lost it in the process. I maybe wrong because of desperation. I faked a smile, although you see the happy glitter in my eyes. I wanted to reach-out but too scared now. My heart is pained because it beats no more for you. I could have had love you more than you could ever imagine. I could not fully fathom why you have hurt me in such a way that the pain ebbed in the innermost part of my soul. Something that takes a while to mend and heal. Whenever I am blanketed in the solitude of being alone, I can’t help but wonder where we both made mistakes and what had gone wrong. Whether it would have to be like this for us to realize what an asshole we both had been.

Last night, I find myself talking to God. I asked Him why there is pain and hurt. Why not laughter and cheer? Amazingly, I literally can feel that God is holding my hansd and said “My child, I let you experience pain so you may remember me. Through hurt & pains, I am making you a fighter. The more you cry, the more you are hurt, the STRONGER you become”. Then, my face lit up and I smiled. God added, “whatever happens, it always happen for a reason. I always give a rainbow after the rain”. I hope this is a sign for me to recover from these hurts.

Behind this grit is a great façade. Behind these smiles and joyous appearance, are loneliness, bitterness, anger, frustrations and regrets. I hope I can still pick-up the pieces of myself and find my sanity. Someone who believes in the beauty of life and someone who believes in the power of love.  I hope it will not be too believe again.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Camp Alfredo

Third Day
On the third day of our Guimaras Adventure, the little man (John Brent) and I left off early for Camp Alfredo. While others were still sleeping and some are preparing to go for a dip for the very last time. We waited for a tricycle ride going to Nueva Valencia, Guimaras proper. and rode a PUJ, 15-20mins later, CAMP ALFREDO na! 

We have been eyeing to go here eversince the trip began and I am glad that we made it. Muntik na hindi matuloy, yay!

Upon entering the camp site, you need to go down hill to reach their reception area. As you walk, you can see a lot of workers doing their own jobs, like carpenters. The camp is about 4hectares (according to....i forgot his name) and mostly covered with trees, which I like most. 

This is their main hall and at the end of this bridge was the reception area. 

 For those who are planning to stay overnight at Camp Alfredo, the cabin costs Php 4000 per night. While the right most cabin costs 2400/per night. Not bad for family's and friends who really want to be adventurous and take time to relax & have fun. The more the cheaper, hahaha!

At the reception area, I immediately asked for the available activities and ziprate; you know, I am in a tight budget, last day na eh! Well, well, well, the rate for the locals and visitors coming from different places are different. Just like Boracay! But after some serious negotiations (hehe), we only paid for the local price. Thanks man! 

John Brent decided to do the zip first. Look at him, he's gearing up.  

The pose before we went up to the sky....:-)

Our photographer, si Manong... convinced us to posed with Pope John Paul. This is like their grotto.

Making a sign Peace...about to go up already.

For a second thought, he was scared and did not do the zip. I was really trying to convinced and encourage him, but he was so scared to the highest level.

Well, what more could I do? I am next to zip. Honestly, I was scared too! hahaha. But I wanted to conquer my fear of heights.

 Check safety gears for the last time, hehehe! Malay ko bah.... 
But they assured me that it's very safe.

Up and away! Feels time I will do it by myself. Wala na si Manong, hehehe. I will surely come to Camp Alfredo again.
Yahoooooo!!!! Super love it in the air. The slide takes about less than 45 seconds, I think.  

At the end of the zip, there awaits you, the HANGING BRIDGE. I am not scared at all, really! hahaha...:-)

After you have experience the Zip, Hanging Bridge,  you have a choice whether to zip back or rappel. 

As you can see, I chose to rappel. The hardest part for me was to let go of my feet on the  floor, hahaha. I did it! Yehey...:-)

At last, I have conquer my fears! I did the zip, hanging bridge and the rappel. Next time will do the High Rope Obstacle Rope. 

I am trying to share my experience to the little boy. While walking, he told me to do the zip next time. More reason to come back to Camp Alfredo.


Pose for the very last time.

to be continued....

Trappist/Villa Igang

First Day

I have not been to Guimaras Island for like 5 years. Guess I’ve been too busy with my life, working to survive. During my college years, I used to go to Alubihod together with my friends after our major exams. We would usually arrived at the beach around 7pm. There are times when we have to walk from the “crossing”, down to the beach, because there’s no transportation at all. Young as we are, we have not thought of the danger that awaits us, since we are strangers. As we walk, we can hear everything in the surroundings. The howling of the wind, the sound of the crickets, the barking of dogs, everything. We would also try to scare each other of ghosts’ stories as we walk down the hill and together laugh about it. Goodness, it was so dark! Today, I will never do such thing, especially at night time, hehehe. Lain na ang panahon subong…

I took a 3-day vacation leave from office (the longest so far). I had the privilege to come to Guimaras Island once again. Many thanks to my good friend Ethel Rizon and her family for tagging me along on their trip. I brought with me my nephew, John Brent, an 8 year old kid who thinks and reason out like a man. Budlay sige sabat sang mga palamangkutanon niya.

John Brent and I arrived at Ortiz Wharf. I immediately paid for our ticket for the pumpboat ride, it costs P14.00 each. We crossed Guimaras Strait for about 10mins (or less I think). And since summer is on the way, the sea was calm which was good to travel. And so we arrived at Jordan Guimaras Wharf. A lot of tricycle drivers tried to offer me their services, wherever I want to go. But I decided to ride a public utility jeep (PUJ) for our safety. I have this thought in mind that tricycle drivers drive fasts which I extremely hate. I was also glad we took the PUJ because the road going to San Miguel is under repair. Sakam guid tani namon yab-ok! On the jeep, I told the “konduktor”, to drop me off at Philhealth Office, Alibjon. There, I met my college friend, also a social worker who lives in San Miguel, Jordan, Guimaras. She works at Stimulation and Therapeutic Activity Center, a non-government organization whose clientele are those differently able children. A little after arriving at her office, I decided to have an early lunch since I have not eaten my breakfast and I am famished. She brought us to their canteen which serves “lutong bahay” foods. In fairness, the food tastes better than I thought, hehehe. I ordered “laswa” and stewed chicken liver. While John Brent had chorizo for himself. My friend had a pancit partnered it with a softdrink, she wasn’t that hungry but I forced her to eat, hehehe.

After we ate, we immediately proceed to TRAPPIST, a home to some monks. My friend was kind enough to accompany us going to Trappist. Maybe she was just paying respect to her old friend, which was me. Awwww!

I actually had been to this place many years ago and looking around, I can say that it has not changed much. It’s exactly the same as before. The pine trees are there, the signage that says was there and a lot more. Even the pews inside the church are arrange exactly the same. Huwat! Kag syempre, madula bala ang piktsuran? After spending about 30minutes looking around, taking picture, chatting with a friend whom I have not seen for a long time, we came back at her office. There we waited for 12:00 noon for her husband to come. I also knew him when we were still in college, a robust man in stature. 

Since my time is up and time for me to meet Ethel and the rest of the group at her Uncle’s house in Ravina, Jordan, Guimaras. I was just lucky enough that my friend and her husband offered to accompany me. It’s good that they have a car of their own since I am not familiar of the place and of where exactly the house was. Gosh….we’ve been roaming around Ravina a little less 30mins looking for the house. But to no avail, we did not find it. Our last resort, John asks a group of not so old women for direction. I gave the name of Ethel’s uncle and Alas! After a very long coming back and forth, we found the house. And then I bid goodbye to two of my friend in college. To Mr. and Mrs. John & Meralyn Lagunday, thank you for your kindness. 

On the afternoon, the group transferred to Nueva Valencia, Jordan. Guimaras. To Ethel’s another uncle. We went to Villa Igang to see for ourselves what’s in store the day after. Near the entrance, there was a Butterfly Garden. However, a little disappointed. I expected to see butterflies of different colors, but there was none. All that was in the garden were pictures of butterflies, flowers and plants. Not to forget, the landscape useful for taking pictures. We explore Villa Igang on that afternoon and went back to the house around 6pm. Our first day ended with a nice dinner with family Rizon. Thank you for your hospitality. 

                                                              At the entrance...

This is the butterfly garden I've been talking about, minus the butterflies, hehehe!

 In the absence of real Butterflies, you can just take a moment and read about them. 

 Both of us are thirsty already after a long walk, we might as well sit.

Villa Igang's former name was Puerto Del Mar, owned by the Lacsons'.

Second Day:

I am an early riser, so I woke up early. While the others are still under the deep spell of a Red Horse, and after a late night “inuman”, I was already preparing to take a bath. However, when everybody was up, we decided to go to Villa Igang to take a dip on the beach. Together, we walked the hilly streets going to the beach. Others rode the tricycle.

I like Villa Igang in the mornings because of its scenery. I always wanted to be in a place like this, so quiet, calm and serene. Or maybe it's what I badly needed considering my present state of sanity. It's a perfect getaway for couples who wanted to escape the hurly-burly of city life, or even like me who thirst for calmness of the soul. There's a lot that you can do, swimming, either in the beach or pool, take note: Villa Igang has 2 big pools and 1 kiddie pool. You can also hire the service of a boatman to take you island hopping. Thirdly, if you like to hike, you can do it as well. 
Early Morning it!

This is our boat with our boatman, silent type guy. But we made an extra effort to start a conversation with him. He might drowned us, hahaha!

We situated ourselves at the back portion of the pumpboat, together with the boatman. He took this shot...:-) Thanks man.

The front rows...

As you can see, the pumpboat was fully-packed. We exceeded the allowable passenger which was 7 only. But since some of us are quite small, the excess of 1 is still ok. And so we began the journey.

Guimaras Island is one place that everyone should see and explore. I was amazed by the beauty of it. The sea was calm and the weather was just suited for the island hopping thing. First stop was the turtle island. Funny though, we only saw 2 turtles (pawikan). 

He just enjoyed playing with the turtle. Hay buhay, kung bata ka nga naman...:-) Simple joys in life. 

Turtle number 2...

This is me. I like the feeling, as if I don't care at all. Just this once, let me be care-less. Walang lang, kibir!

Picture taking mode...

To be continued....

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Rekindle the Friendship

Last February 19, 2012, I had the opportunity to see my friends way back when we were still teens or shall I say the time when we all have experience the what we call "puppy love", hahaha! We have been planning this meet-up a year ago. But unfortunately, we are all busy with our respective lives. I have not seen these people who once had been a part of me for quite some time. Although, we tried to have a little chat on a social network site, but nothing compares of seeing them face to face.

Two weeks before the meeting, the three of us, if I may mention: Allyn Agustin and Aubrey Rose Agustin (sowee Pie, lipat ko family name mo subong) had been trying to reach out some of the members of the dance group. FYI, during that time, we went to the same church and we have a dance group. We call ourselves "The Tambourine Girls". Literally, we used to dance with tambourines. Through this, despite our different personalities and attitudes, we developed a friendship that stood amidst time and distance. My greatest regret was that I was not able to really try my hardest to  maintain the communication. Still I do believe that no matter how long we have not talked or see each other, the friendship still remains. Some of us has their own family now, there are a few who are still single and others are trying their luck abroad.

When the day of the meeting was approaching, I can't help myself to gladness.We agreed on meeting at Maridels, at Plazeula de Iloilo, 4:00PM. With my excitement, I went to the place too early, hahaha. I immediately look for Maridel's (its my first time at Plazuela, manuling!). I was little bit disappointed of the place. It's quite small and the tables & chairs are limited. When I get to Maridel's, there's no table available. So, I decided to stay outside, considering the many vacant chairs in front of the cafe. I waited for about 15minutes for a group of yuppies to finished chatting. When they did, I immediately go inside, I think damu naga hulat nga ma vacant ang table. Well, sorry, nauna ako! hehehe. Again, I waited for another 15mins (I think) for Allyn, Pie and Ta Ghie to arrived. I wasn't really annoyed that they are late, much more of excited to see these 3 girls.

From left: Aubrey Rose Agustin, Allyn Agustin, nturordinarygirl and Jay June Agustin. Maybe you realized they have the same family name, its because they are cousins...

I would like to introduced to you my bestfriend way back then, Jay June Agustin, my confidant. A woman who cares, supports and gives her all as a friend. I so miss the times we had before, Ta Ghie. 

Allyn Agustin is one of my best buddy as well. A creative and resourceful woman.  We used to just talk and talk when we were in Church. You know, the usual thing, crushes, hahaha. We thought at first that we were super-madly in-love with _ _ _. Miss you Lyn...:-)

Left most is Pie Agustin. An assertive and vocal person. One that can be trusted with all your secrets. I am so proud of what she had become. I am an observant gal, and the  way she talks that day made me realized how she'd become mature in dealing with life. Maturity comes with age, eh!

                          These are the original Tambourine Girls of Lift Jesus Worldwide Ministries

Maridel's has the best cake I've ever tasted in my entire life, promise, as in! I ordered for myself one slice of ice cream pie (I forgot the complete name) and a coffee. The downside of the café was the limited choice of coffee, they only served brewed on that matter. Since I am a caffeine junk, I am into trying different kinds of coffee. I like the aroma of it. Allyn had an avocado cake, according to her, it really taste like you’re eating an avocado. I will definitely try it next time. Too bad I did not take a photo, dang!

After having our own orders, we talked like it was just yesterday. No pretensions. Simply us, like when we were young. We’re not that old though. I guess, it’s what friendship should be. No matter the distance, no matter how long you have not seen or talked, but when you do, you click. I am looking forward for another meet-up. Until next.

Valentines Day Eve...

11 days ago, it was Valentines Day. I did not report to office due to a general assembly meeting of our association, Philippine Association of Social Workers in the Philippines-Capiz Chapter. I spent the whole day with my colleagues, updating each other, learning together and not to forget, enjoying. It was indeed a fun-filled day!

Prior to Vday, me and my friends had planned a night out. Even if it was not payday yet, hehehe. On the evenining, we dine at RML Manokan, Baybay, Roxas City, Capiz. Sorry, I did not find time to take a photo of the foods they served (bakit? kailangan ba dapat piktsuran mga pagkain?) Anyways, I ordered a grilled fish, blue marlin to be exact. Others have chicken inasal, oysters, shrimp etc. And I did not taste any of their food, I am allergic! Too bad for me. I cannot savor the most delicious seafoods in Roxas City. 

    These are the people I spent Valentines Day with....

 Maybe you have not noticed, I do not have foods on my "table". Reason: I was late and ordered late. I waited for so long for them to serve it. Better late than never, so they say.

 After we ate a delicious dinner, whatelse could we do? Of kors, picture taking mode na. I thought I was the only one who is a camera slut, damu gale kmi, hahaha! I decline to posts some of the photos due to not so good "take". After this, I thought some of us we'll go their separate ways; You know its Valentines Day, some couple need to have some time for themselves, alone. However, I was glad that they stick with us. Or maybe they have already dated a day before, hahaha. 

May both of you be forever in love with each other...:-0


                                                       I little bit tipsy....:-)

Spending Valentines Day wouldn't be complete without the usual gig, "inuman". We went to Roxas City's night life spot, The Grandville (not so sure though!). As we approach the area, I wasn't that surprised that it is fully-packed with people, after all, we are celebrating the same thing. The same reason that we are exatcly on that place. We look for an available area, where we could just chill and relax. After checking from one bar to another for available "seats", at last we found one. We immediately went upstairs, 

Actually, it was my fist time to be on that place. As you know, Im a homey! hehehe. But I think its good that I go out once in a while, para naman may social life ako. Nhew! Did I just make a justification of myself? Nevertheless, it was indeed a special night for me. I do believe that Vday is not only intended for couples, but as well as for friends who laughs with us even if we are crumbling. 

After we have settled down in our sofa, the waiter gave us the menu. I kept on going up-down2x to look for one drink that I always have been drinking whenever I go out. Unfortunately, they don't serve it. I thought to myself, maybe next time I should be bringing it along with me, hahaha! So being new in the place, I let my friend Sancai chose for us. She chose, "cowgirl prayer", funny name for a ladies drink. I am not sure about this, but it was a mixed of gin and tequila? And I don't like gin or tequila either. The color is pinkish and taste _ _ _ for me.

Look at the boys, they're all have their own looks. It's the effect of San Miguel Beer. After all, they are left with no other choice of drinks, hehehe. I think they were able to finish 3 buckets, having 6 bottles each. 

It was past 11pm when we left the place. We all have a "cinderella" in us. But honestly, medyo lingin na ulo ko, hahaha. So, before I got drank, I decided to leave the place early. And so we all went our separate way.  I hope you guys had a good time coz i did. Thank you all for the time.

Lets make everyday a Valentines Day! nturordinarygirl, signing off...:-)