Saturday, February 25, 2012

Valentines Day Eve...

11 days ago, it was Valentines Day. I did not report to office due to a general assembly meeting of our association, Philippine Association of Social Workers in the Philippines-Capiz Chapter. I spent the whole day with my colleagues, updating each other, learning together and not to forget, enjoying. It was indeed a fun-filled day!

Prior to Vday, me and my friends had planned a night out. Even if it was not payday yet, hehehe. On the evenining, we dine at RML Manokan, Baybay, Roxas City, Capiz. Sorry, I did not find time to take a photo of the foods they served (bakit? kailangan ba dapat piktsuran mga pagkain?) Anyways, I ordered a grilled fish, blue marlin to be exact. Others have chicken inasal, oysters, shrimp etc. And I did not taste any of their food, I am allergic! Too bad for me. I cannot savor the most delicious seafoods in Roxas City. 

    These are the people I spent Valentines Day with....

 Maybe you have not noticed, I do not have foods on my "table". Reason: I was late and ordered late. I waited for so long for them to serve it. Better late than never, so they say.

 After we ate a delicious dinner, whatelse could we do? Of kors, picture taking mode na. I thought I was the only one who is a camera slut, damu gale kmi, hahaha! I decline to posts some of the photos due to not so good "take". After this, I thought some of us we'll go their separate ways; You know its Valentines Day, some couple need to have some time for themselves, alone. However, I was glad that they stick with us. Or maybe they have already dated a day before, hahaha. 

May both of you be forever in love with each other...:-0


                                                       I little bit tipsy....:-)

Spending Valentines Day wouldn't be complete without the usual gig, "inuman". We went to Roxas City's night life spot, The Grandville (not so sure though!). As we approach the area, I wasn't that surprised that it is fully-packed with people, after all, we are celebrating the same thing. The same reason that we are exatcly on that place. We look for an available area, where we could just chill and relax. After checking from one bar to another for available "seats", at last we found one. We immediately went upstairs, 

Actually, it was my fist time to be on that place. As you know, Im a homey! hehehe. But I think its good that I go out once in a while, para naman may social life ako. Nhew! Did I just make a justification of myself? Nevertheless, it was indeed a special night for me. I do believe that Vday is not only intended for couples, but as well as for friends who laughs with us even if we are crumbling. 

After we have settled down in our sofa, the waiter gave us the menu. I kept on going up-down2x to look for one drink that I always have been drinking whenever I go out. Unfortunately, they don't serve it. I thought to myself, maybe next time I should be bringing it along with me, hahaha! So being new in the place, I let my friend Sancai chose for us. She chose, "cowgirl prayer", funny name for a ladies drink. I am not sure about this, but it was a mixed of gin and tequila? And I don't like gin or tequila either. The color is pinkish and taste _ _ _ for me.

Look at the boys, they're all have their own looks. It's the effect of San Miguel Beer. After all, they are left with no other choice of drinks, hehehe. I think they were able to finish 3 buckets, having 6 bottles each. 

It was past 11pm when we left the place. We all have a "cinderella" in us. But honestly, medyo lingin na ulo ko, hahaha. So, before I got drank, I decided to leave the place early. And so we all went our separate way.  I hope you guys had a good time coz i did. Thank you all for the time.

Lets make everyday a Valentines Day! nturordinarygirl, signing off...:-)

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