Monday, April 30, 2012

Amazing Bohol

Every year, the Association of Medical Social Workers of the Philippines, Inc., (AMSWPI) holds a convention. I am privilege and honored to be part of this association as I continue to share my life with others. The trip was indeed timely. A chance to be away from people and to take a break from feeling and thinking the heartaches, even just for a moment. 

I was very excited to come to Cebu and Bohol, not just because after 15 long years, I will be able to see Cebu again but also to explore Tagbilaran, Bohol. Two years ago, I came by a book and read it for a while. If my memory serves me  right, it said  that nature  has its own way of healing and mending one's self. To  commune with them  gives us a better perspective in life. It sure does.

Last  April  24,  2012, I  left for Bohol via Cebu through Cebu Pacific Air. It was a quick air ride, while taking a powernap. The flight was  delayed for an hour, but no sweat. I wasn't rushing. .(to be continued, so sleepy na gyud ako)