Monday, February 27, 2012

Camp Alfredo

Third Day
On the third day of our Guimaras Adventure, the little man (John Brent) and I left off early for Camp Alfredo. While others were still sleeping and some are preparing to go for a dip for the very last time. We waited for a tricycle ride going to Nueva Valencia, Guimaras proper. and rode a PUJ, 15-20mins later, CAMP ALFREDO na! 

We have been eyeing to go here eversince the trip began and I am glad that we made it. Muntik na hindi matuloy, yay!

Upon entering the camp site, you need to go down hill to reach their reception area. As you walk, you can see a lot of workers doing their own jobs, like carpenters. The camp is about 4hectares (according to....i forgot his name) and mostly covered with trees, which I like most. 

This is their main hall and at the end of this bridge was the reception area. 

 For those who are planning to stay overnight at Camp Alfredo, the cabin costs Php 4000 per night. While the right most cabin costs 2400/per night. Not bad for family's and friends who really want to be adventurous and take time to relax & have fun. The more the cheaper, hahaha!

At the reception area, I immediately asked for the available activities and ziprate; you know, I am in a tight budget, last day na eh! Well, well, well, the rate for the locals and visitors coming from different places are different. Just like Boracay! But after some serious negotiations (hehe), we only paid for the local price. Thanks man! 

John Brent decided to do the zip first. Look at him, he's gearing up.  

The pose before we went up to the sky....:-)

Our photographer, si Manong... convinced us to posed with Pope John Paul. This is like their grotto.

Making a sign Peace...about to go up already.

For a second thought, he was scared and did not do the zip. I was really trying to convinced and encourage him, but he was so scared to the highest level.

Well, what more could I do? I am next to zip. Honestly, I was scared too! hahaha. But I wanted to conquer my fear of heights.

 Check safety gears for the last time, hehehe! Malay ko bah.... 
But they assured me that it's very safe.

Up and away! Feels time I will do it by myself. Wala na si Manong, hehehe. I will surely come to Camp Alfredo again.
Yahoooooo!!!! Super love it in the air. The slide takes about less than 45 seconds, I think.  

At the end of the zip, there awaits you, the HANGING BRIDGE. I am not scared at all, really! hahaha...:-)

After you have experience the Zip, Hanging Bridge,  you have a choice whether to zip back or rappel. 

As you can see, I chose to rappel. The hardest part for me was to let go of my feet on the  floor, hahaha. I did it! Yehey...:-)

At last, I have conquer my fears! I did the zip, hanging bridge and the rappel. Next time will do the High Rope Obstacle Rope. 

I am trying to share my experience to the little boy. While walking, he told me to do the zip next time. More reason to come back to Camp Alfredo.


Pose for the very last time.

to be continued....

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